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Iranian National Algae Culture Collection

The Iranian National Algae Culture Collection was established with the initial support of the Biotechnology Development headquarters of the Vice‑Presidency for Science and Technology and the efforts of a group of biotechnology experts at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran. Over time, along with identifying and storing algal species and conducting scientific and research activities in line with current world research, technical knowledge, commercialization, and market studies for algae and algal products have been added to this centers activities. In this regard, while creating a suitable environment for enhancing technical knowledge, training specialized personnel, and studying the ideas of the day, economic and technological evaluation of investors' plans has been made to ensure safe investment in this field. By creating effective domestic and international communications and relying on the experience of its members and consultants, the Iranian National Algae Culture Collection creates a comprehensive view of the technological innovation environment in the algae industry. It works to provide innovative and entrepreneurial solutions and employ elite forces in the country.
The Iranian National Algae Culture Collection is always trying to create a network of experts from various fields by attracting and cooperating with the elites. The center mainly focuses on the expert force for specialized training. Members of this center are graduates of engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, industry, economics, entrepreneurship, and fisheries fields.

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Omid Tavakoli
Omid TavakoliCEO
Shadi Azad
Shadi AzadWorkshop Manager
Shahrzad Esmaeili
Shahrzad Esmaeili International Affairs

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