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15 May
Mostafa Ghanei Mostafa Ghanei


7:30 - 8:00 GMT Time
F. Gabriel Acién Fernández F. Gabriel Acién Fernández

Production Of Microalgae Coupled to Wastewater Treatment and Related Applications

8:00 - 8:50 GMT Time
Ambika H D Ambika H D

An Emerging Sector of the Blue Bioeconomy of the Algae Production Industry in Europe.

8:55 - 9:45 GMT Time
Gabriele Frascaroli Gabriele Frascaroli

Response Of Three Species of Microalgae to The Presence of Antibiotics Commonly Found in Wastewater

9:50 - 10:40 GMT Time
Omid Tavakoli Omid Tavakoli

How Algal Biorefinery Could Make a Great Solution for Water-Energy-Environment-Climate Change Nexus

10:45 - 11:35 GMT Time


11:35 - 12:10 GMT Time
Dilara Aksakal Dilara Aksakal

The Importance of Microalgae in The Field of Biotechnology

12:15 - 13:05 GMT Time
Ines Carballo Ines Carballo

Micro farming for Future

13:10 - 14:00 GMT Time
Irini Angelidaki Irini Angelidaki

Opportunities And Challenges for Algal Biorefineries

14:05 - 14:55 GMT Time
Jaime Gutierrez Jaime Gutierrez

Disruptive Technological Applications with The Ancestral Capabilities of Microalgae

15:00 - 15:50 GMT Time
16 May
Lisa Schueler Lisa Schueler

Detection And Mitigation of Biological Contaminants in Industrial Algal Cultures

7:35 - 8:25 GMT Time
Esben Rimi Christiansen Esben Rimi Christiansen

Adding Value to Land-Based Fish Farms

8:30 - 9:20 GMT Time
Robert Reinhardt Robert Reinhardt

Nutrient Recycling with Algae (Global Picture) And Applications of Microalgae as Biostimulants and Biofertilizers

9:25 - 10:15 GMT Time
Margarida Costa Margarida Costa

Norwegian Culture Collection of Algae: Diversity and Applications

10:20 - 11:10 GMT Time


11:10 - 11:45 GMT Time
Marzieh Shakoori Marzieh Shakoori

Algae Applications in Cosmetic Industries

11:50 - 12:40 GMT Time
Daniel Figueiredo Daniel Figueiredo

Improving Microalgae Downstream Processing for Targeted Applications

12:45 - 13:35 GMT Time
Inês Guerra Inês Guerra

Industrial Production of Microalgae as Food of The Future

13:40 - 14:30 GMT Time
Philipp Siegel Philipp Siegel

Algae And Biopolymers - Using Microorganisms to Disrupt the Consumer Goods Market

14:35 - 15:25 GMT Time
Hiba Zrig Hiba Zrig

Bogazici University, a Varicon Aqua Technology Showcase

15:30 - 16:25 GMT Time
17 May
Manuel Diez de Onate Manuel Diez de Onate

Startups In the Algae Sector

7:35 - 8:25 GMT Time
Imma Gifuni Imma Gifuni

Microalgal Biorefinery For the Production of Nutraceuticals: Opportunities and Challenges (The Example of Algosource)

8:30 - 9:20 GMT Time
Fabrizio Di Caprio Fabrizio Di Caprio

Strategies To Control Bacteria Contaminations in Heterotrophic and Mixotrophic Microalgae Cultures Integrated with Wastewater Treatment

9:25 - 10:15 GMT Time
Reza Safari Reza Safari

Application of Microalgae Pigments in Food, Cosmetics, and Medicine Industry

10:20 - 11:10 GMT Time


11:10 - 11:45 GMT Time
Mahshid Sedghi Mahshid Sedghi

Microalgae Based Wastewater Treatment

11:50 - 12:40 GMT Time
Seyed Soheil Mansouri Seyed Soheil Mansouri

A Systems Approach to Bioprocess Development: From Bulk Chemicals to Novel Proteins

12:45 - 13:35 GMT Time
Hywel Griffiths Hywel Griffiths

The Challenges of Bringing a New Algae to Market Via a Fermentation Platform

13:40 - 14:30 GMT Time
Paul Goudeau Paul Goudeau

Switch From Tedious Microalgae Culture into High Cell Density and Reliable Automatized Production in Photobioreactors

14:35 - 15:25 GMT Time
Mahdi Hodaei Mahdi Hodaei

EcoRecover Process Characterization, Full Scale Mixed Community Microalgae Cultivation and Resource Recovery System

15:30 - 16:25 GMT Time
Omid Tavakoli Omid Tavakoli


16:25 - 16:35 GMT Time