Philipp Siegel

Philipp Siegel

Algae Cultivation Manager at one • five, Germany

I am a microalgae biologist that works at one • five, where we aim to develop the next generation of sustainable bioplastics. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of Essex in which I investigated the growth response of different algae species to wide temperature ranges. During my time at Essex, I focused on competition experiments to learn whether single species performance can predict competitive outcomes.

Before my time at one • five I also gathered algae industry experience at Tomalgae in Belgium and at a Spirulina farm in Germany.

I am interested in all types of algae and hope to understand them as much as possible by exposing them to differing growth regimes and analyzing their cell physiology and molecular constitution.


Algae And Biopolymers - Using Microorganisms to Disrupt the Consumer Goods Market (14:35 - 15:25)